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A long-term global strategy of all-inclusive engineering, management and development consultancy has seen us bring key firms into the Group

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FITZROY RESOURCES PRIVATE LIMITED provides reliable and effective solutions to complex smart infrastructure needs from Energy, Rescue, Life Skills, related products and Infrastructural business requirements of the region. The Consortium represents international & domestic companies to explore emerging opportunities in various domains through both greenfield and inorganic expansions in the North Eastern States in India and neighbouring countries like Bhutan, Myanmar.

Smart city project :

  • EMS.

  • GIS Mapping, Street Naming & House Numbering.

  • LED street and traffic lighting

  • National ID Card.

  • E-Passport/ Biometric Passport.

  • Track & Trace.

  • E V stations.

  • Document Imaging.

  • Rural Telephony.

  • Traqbin- waste management.

  • Birth and Death Application.

  • Telecom Revenue Monitoring.

  • Municipal Revenue Collection.

  • Tourism Revenue Monitoring.

  • Crowd Management.

  • ICT HUB Computer Community Centre.

  • Bio Metric & Smart Card Based Payroll Systems.

  • Vehicle Tracking & Parking.

  • Integrated Customs Processes.

  • Smart School/ Tourism zones.

  • Driving License Card Solution.

  • Mobile Commerce Suite.

  • Prepaid Metering Solution.

  • Micro Cashless ATM.


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Fitzroy Supply offers 30,000+ items delivered to your location. Fitzroy is a leading Kolkata based civil engineering and construction company in India, with more than 12 years of experience and expertise in the execution of various infrastructure projects.

Dynamic Services Supply Chain and Logistic Consultancy have unparalleled knowledge at strategy, planning, implementation and execution in areas of warehouse logistics management, inventory management, logistics, distribution, demand supply as an Indian Company. The company also has diversified into manpower and cleaning services.

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