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A long-term global strategy of all-inclusive engineering, management and development consultancy has seen us bring key firms into the Group

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About Us

Fitzroy is a privately-owned enterprise, focussing on infrastructure projects with high-class abilities operating among varied segments of our client chain. As a company, we are passionate and experts in controlling energy to create new innovations for a long-lasting and pragmatic change in society. We aim at following this ideology in each sector and every operation we perform along with the project delivery. We invest time on a large scale on the research and development process in terms of the operational level within our in-house infrastructural facilities where we personify theory into live practice.

What we do

Fitzroy, established in 2014, is one of the leading project development and construction groups. It is committed to playing a vital role in building a stronger and more sustainable economy that benefits society in general while fulfilling the motives of the clients. We function under the guiding principles of our policy framework and pre-set standards.

Our enterprise focuses on services in the sectors of Energy, Minerals, Manpower, Power Generators, Elevators, IT sector services, Infrastructure solutions and also cashless and consultancy services. The new partner companies that help in the growth of our niche industry are Panasia Ventures, Fitzroy Energy & Minerals Ltd operating in India, China, Myanmar, and Bangladesh.

With more than 12 years of experience and expertise in the execution of various infrastructure projects, Fitzroy provides reliable and effective solutions to complex Smart infrastructure needs from Energy, Rescue, Life Skills, Related Products and Infra business requirements of the region, therefore, helping in building a more sustainable environment.

Who we are

At Fitzroy, we believe in recruiting and developing the best talent in this sector, challenging them to find better opportunities and deliver excellence for our clients leaving a lasting impression for the society in which we function. Every enterprise needs to nurture and bring about talent from an early age. We encourage a number of educational programs to help promote, engage and make young people aware of the successful careers we bring about within our workspace.

We believe in using the latest technologies to develop new innovations for a sustainable society and prioritize the clientele’s needs and fulfil their requirements. Our aim is to try and adopt modern infrastructural methods and practices over the traditional ones so that it decreases the effects of our operations on the environment. These modern technologies have proven to be more efficient as they have reduced the amount of time consumed by the labourers and improve the quality of work.

We take our duties to act responsibly at each step of our operations very seriously, through constant monitoring of the impacts of our activities on nature, on the society and our clients. Our goal is to transform urban and rural areas into smart cities while keeping it environment-friendly to maintain standard practices. We try to achieve long-lasting solutions and make people aware of the changes that can be brought about in society without harming the environment.